Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Innovative Transportation

Transportation poses one of the most significant environmental challenges. People the world over find the freedom of being able to go anywhere indispensable. Finding fuel for transportation and the pollution resulting from finding and using that fuel is the challenge. Over the weekend I have come across several innovative modes of transportation and fuel.

Sourcing Bio-diesel in Sierra Leone.

A truck that runs on used coffee grounds. This makes you think about saving the coffee grounds for something other than the compost bin.

How-to for building your own solar powered trike. A nice way to get around town.

I continue to be amazed by the creativity and drive of people all over the world. It gives me hope to continue searching for a better way. I hope these things inspire you to find your own way to make the world better.

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BBC said...

A lot of things that we could come up with wouldn't be allowed on the streets. And many require more than just jumping in and turning a key and driving off.

Americans are just spoiled and in general want things to go on as they are. I know a lot of people that simply do not care.