Thursday, May 01, 2008

BPA Ban from Baby Bottles

In light of Canada's recent ban of BPA from baby bottles, I thought it would be important to inform parents that here in Canada The Bay, Toys R Us and other participating stores are taking back the bottles for either a cash refund (if you have the receipt) or a store credit. I took my Avent bottles back to The Bay last weekend and received a store credit for 70 dollars. I encourage each of you to do the same. The Bay has stocked their shelves with Dr. Browns glass bottles and I am sure others are following suit. You can also check out BornFree and Nurture Pure for purchase of glass bottles or click on the pictures below.

Please take a moment to view this plastic chart. It lists all the plastics that should be avoided by consumers.


Susan said...

Love your blog! Thanks for all the useful info, can I link to you?

FeButterfly said...

Feel free to link and stop by anytime.

realgreengirl said...

great stuff. we must be pro-active. Fast Company did an amazing, but long, article on BPA. Worth the read