Thursday, May 29, 2008

BPA Back in the News

Not that this a surprise since most people have been aware but a report highlights BPA in cans. This report also highlights contents in specific products. This is just another case of where untested and unnecessary chemicals are added for no real reason. We are unwilling and unwitting participants in a science experiment where chemicals are tested on us. Hopefully we start getting the message and people start getting involved in the democratic process and asking questions.


PV said...

Yes, don't you just love learning more and more how we are just lab mice and cogs in the wheel of maximizing profits?

Thought I'd drop a line and say hi as I'm reading your blog. I'll read on.

BBC said...

"But is it time to consider cutting back on canned goods?"

I don't know, but I've lived on them going onto 65 years and I'm still kicking.

Look hon, it's science and like any other process it has it's up and downs but I don't really think anyone in the food selling business is out to kill us on purpose.

Nature isn't perfect either and things that were good for you can change and hurt you or even kill you.

It's all a crap shoot so try to chill out a little and enjoy life a tad more. This planets biggest problem isn't things that can hurt us, it's that there are so many of us and so many wanting so much.

Population and pollution are our biggest problems. But if there was only 3 billion people the pollution wouldn't be such a problem. Even factoring in the greed.

Don't know what your spiritual beliefs are but unless you see yourself as omnipresent there is no reason for you to care about any of it anyway.

I know that I didn't care about any of it until I came to see that I'm an omnipresent spirit that happens to like this cool planet and all the things we can do here.

Just do like I do, get away to a beach or do some camping and try to not let it get you down too much, hard I know, but at least there is some peace and beauty out there.

ahmad wiyono said...

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