Thursday, March 06, 2008

Crude Reality

Crude oil prices continue to go up without any end in sight. Some decrease in gasoline demand is starting to materialize in the U.S. The crude reality is that no alternative exists. I know we have biofuels and fuel cells but they are not deployed on a mass market scale and do not totally solve the problem. We need to realize one fundamental point: we cannot drive everywhere we want, whenever we want cheaply and without polluting.

I saw a BP commercial that highlights their investments in new energy sources and alternatives. One of the people in the commercial basically says that nobody is talking about where the next energy source is. BP, and really all the large energy companies, don't talk about the real problem because it will put a serious dent in their business. One of the arguments against making investments to curb environmental damage is that we don't want to sacrifice "our way of life". Maybe our way of life is the problem.


BBC said...

It seems to me that the big companies just give words to other things so we think they are serious about them.

But I think their main interest is still oil. Actually, I would like to see gas hit about ten bucks a gallon.

It would tank this economy, but I think it is going to tank anyway. Fine with me, I'm set up to deal with just that.

N4T said...
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