Friday, February 08, 2008


I don't mind recycling and separating my garbage. There are times when I find it annoying that I am doing the work of the garbage crew and that no matter what I buy I get saddled with all kinds of packaging. I try to avoid packaging but it is almost impossible. I've changed shopping habits to buy more bulk or larger size items to minimize on the packages. My area has a separation program that has four bins and is pretty easy. I found this article about recycling in Sweden and I don't think I'll complain too much anymore.


BBC said...

I share a 60 gallon can with the neighbor lady. It only gets picked up once a month, we just don't make much garbage.

Everything else gets recycled. Not that we have a lot to recycle because we are not big consumers.

Those that consume at lot and travel a lot are what is hardest on the planet.

And the little they recycle doesn't offset that much. But they convince their minds that they are ecologists just because they recycle.

I disagree.

FeButterfly said...

I have the same problem with recycling programs. People feel as though they are doing their part by throwing a pop can in a blue box. It takes the responsibility and thought out of consumption. I guess that's why it is called mindless consumption at times. I feel we need to think before we buy rather than how to recycle it when we're done with it.