Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Greening of the Suburbs

Suburban living has a massive impact on the environment. Some people have tried greening the suburbs but have had some difficulties because of local by-laws. For example, by laws exist that do not allow people to hang their clothes to dry or generate renewable energy. These types of regulations come to the forefront only when challenged by eco-minded citizens.

Reading some online news yesterday I found a story about how artists in Calgary, Alberta tried to replace their front lawn with barley. In that same news article I found out about another artist in Toronto who converted her driveway into something more environmentally friendly. I found here blog and she has a post on both stories.

People in the suburbs have to start being more proactive on the environmental front for us to see a major impact in North America. When that happens it will impact the rest of the world as our consumption patterns change and we, hopefully, set a new example for modern "western" living.


BBC said...

I used to belong to the business association, one day this rich bitch business woman that drives a Cadillac was fussing about the people that didn't water their lawns to keep them pretty, in her mind.

I couldn't stand that fat spoiled bitch, she wanted the minimum wage to go down so that she could pay less and keep more for herself.

Boy, I've sure been getting cranky. LOL

FeButterfly said...

Blogs are for venting and getting your opinion out there. I do appreciate your commentary, cranky or not.