Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Seafood Watch

Seafood Watch is a program of the Monterey Bay Aquarium designed to raise consumer awareness about seafood. There sight includes regional seafood guides on what to buy and why, information about how fish are caught or farmed and more. Check it out for more information.


BBC said...

I would like to catch my own fish. But they are already killing so much of it that I just buy it in a store.

On the Puget Sound where I live it's getting iffy to get good safe crabs, clams and oysters.

And I'm sure it's going to get worse. The leaders and business people of this town are plenty destructive.

Sometimes I would like to move further west but I'm going to stick it out here, I think.

FeButterfly said...

Used to eat a lot of fish that we caught but now I'm not so sure if it is a good idea because of the pollution. Areas look pristine when you're out there fishing but I don't think anyone knows what is in the water. That's the hard part with water pollution is that we can't see it at all. People look for plastic bags, empty barrels and shopping carts in a river to see if it is polluted. It's the invisible chemicals in the water that are the real problem.