Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Environmental Toxins Limit Fertility

"A study by a research team at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital suggests that mothers who are exposed to certain toxic environmental compounds prior to pregnancy could limit their offspring’s fertility."


Bubbles said...

Your blog is, like, totally awesome!!!!
I knew global warming was bad, but I didn't know it was THIS bad!!

Bubbles said...

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Contest Diva said...

Totally agree with ya, Bubbles. I love your blog! Congrats on making it to the 'blogs of note'!
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Holy Cuteness said...

Hej you have a nice blog! Keep on going!

bfh said...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent work, my friend. Keep up the fantastic job, and I will do my part as well. After all, reducing the world's pollution is a team effort. One thing's for sure, though: you are a key player.

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