Thursday, September 06, 2007

Greener Choices

Most people enjoy saving money. If you can help the environment at the same time that is even better. I've spoken about our mass consumption habits and how those have to change before we can make a long-term change as a society that will reduce or negative impact on our environment.

Consumer Reports has provided information on everything you can think of over the years. They have a website, Greener Choices, where they look at green products. I found one section that is really novel. The title is "Cut Costs by Making Things Last", and the idea is that if you maintain what you already have you don't have to buy new ones and throw out your old stuff.

This is crazy!!! You mean by taking care of the stuff I have now it will last longer?!?!?! How does that fit in with my mass consumption, disposable everything lifestyle?!?!?!? What will they think of next!?!?!?!

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Toxic Survivor said...

You are SO RIGHT about running out of energy resources - renewable and conventional/toxic. Yet where is the leadership for clean efficient living & controlled growth? We seem to have business and political leaders dedicated to speeding up the boat, even as we can all see that the falls are dead ahead!