Thursday, August 16, 2007

Your Personal Power Plant

I found this story about a multi-fuel personal generator. It sounds like a very interesting product and could reduce the need to build massive power plants that nobody wants to live near. With the three year anniversary of the massive blackout in the Northeast it is also a reminder of what we haven't learned from the blackout.

There have been many developments in alternative energy and generation systems but one thing needs to change for any of it to work. Distributed generation will alter the current model of electrical generation and distribution and needs to gain traction. Much like the Internet has changed communications and content generation a distributed electrical grid will allow individuals to generate power like a power plant and have it distributed to the grid. Unfortunately the power grid is not currently designed for that and some resistance from utilities is expected because it is unknown how they will profit and how to maintain safety and reliability. Net metering offers a solution but it will take some time to change the current model of power plant to distribution grid to consumer and make it a two way flow everywhere. Since current grid infrastructure is in need of major upgrades now may provide the best opportunity to get us rolling on a new infrastructure.

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