Monday, August 20, 2007

Will alternative energy gain ground?

Alternative and renewable energy sources are slowly gaining ground. However, the current framework, regulatory or otherwise, is not ready to adapt. A story from a few months ago reported on how a man from Illinois was fined for using biodiesel that he did not pay tax on. Another recent story about our savior, nuclear power. The TVA had to shut down a nuclear plant because the river temperature was too high to cool the reactor. I guess we should have built a bunch of nuclear plants 30 years ago to reduce the chance of global warming.

Just like the internet has "changed everything" alternative and renewable energy sources will do the same. To do so, we have to plan ahead and change to ensure that it will be feasible and competitive. Combined with conservation and eliminating wasteful habits we can find ways to have these energy sources as a regular part of our daily live.

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