Saturday, August 25, 2007

U.S. - India nuclear deal may collapse

The current governing coalition in India may collapse due to a pending nuclear technology deal with the United States. Part of the coalition feels that a deal with the U.S. will jeopardize the country's foreign policy independence. Supporters of the deal say that nuclear fuel and other technology will provide much needed electricity to India's growing economy. Both sound like valid reasons.

India has one problem that is hampering current economic growth. Infrastructure; roads, bridges, ports and electrical grids, are needed in many areas of the country. Nuclear fuel and power plants would help, right? I'm sure they would but what about an alternative model.

China, India and other countries who are developing there economies are, in my opinion, pursuing a development model based on the United States. While the United States is an excellent example of how a dynamic economy can build a nation it has also demonstrated the costs associated with that economy. Countries that are developing could build distributed generation models using renewable energy sources. Developing a consumer economy that does not rely on waste would help build a successful country with all the comforts of life in the U.S. without the negative environmental consequences.

I can understand the desire of people around the world to enjoy life but we all need to change the relationship between ourselves, the economy and the environment.

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