Friday, August 17, 2007

Google in the Black

Electrical generation is a significant source of pollution in the world. Computers use a significant amount of electricity. But how can you save electricity while using it? Blackle is a custom search engine that is based on Google but the display is black. Takes some getting used to but according to a post at EcoIron using black on Google could save 750 megawatts a year. A green twist on an old favorite.

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Krista said...

Any idea on helping the environment is very commendable and coming up with an idea to save energy when doing searches on the internet is definitely a solid idea. There are other versions of a black Google but I prefer a site called Greenback Search because as well as the energy saving black background, a big part of the revenue from searches made on their site is used to purchase carbon offsets on behalf of users. Check it out at