Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Price of Progress

Pollution from industrial practices can linger for generations. This is the price we pay for the comforts of modern life in North America. How much are we willing to pay? How much of the cost will be paid by our children? Nuclear plants, factories, refineries and others leave a legacy that is not always forgotten. There is an extensive article at about a closed Ford plant in New Jersey that was deemed cleaned up under Superfund. In 1994 it was determined that no further risk would come from the plant, which was closed in 1980. Now, a new lawsuit has emerged for contaminated soil and water, health effects, etc. I can't say that I'm surprised but I'm not sure how many more people need to suffer? Small towns like Braidwood, IL and Upper Ringwood, NJ are being decimated by pollution of their industrial neighbors. Add the economic devastation when communities build an economic reliance on an industry and it disappears.

I feel it is pretty obvious that economic and environmental policy need to change in order for us to survive. I'm afraid of what it will take to make the change.

Photo from and Sylwia Kapuscinski/NYT

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