Tuesday, July 03, 2007

If it's polluting the water...

So I'm reading the Globe and Mail today and this headline jumps out at me

"Ontario warned of new chemicals in water"

There are new ones? That's right folks. New chemicals in the water. Guess where they're coming from?

"The chemicals, which are showing up in water around the world, come from farm activity, antibiotics or other discarded medication that is poured down the toilet or sink, medication found in human waste, and run-off from antibacterial soaps and shampoos."

A lot of it is coming from our bathrooms. If the products we use and rub on our faces, and other parts, can cause water pollution what are they doing to us? Something to think about.

I won't be making a lot of posts, if any, for the next few days. Things are getting a little hectic with the outdoor projects and activities with the weather being so nice I find it hard to sit at the computer. I'll take a few days off and come back soon.

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