Monday, January 08, 2007

Iraq and the Environment

So what is the cost of war to the environment? The obvious is the resources consumed in waging war. What about the devastation that occurs in the theater of battle?

Iraq is the most publicized war in North America. There are other conflicts around the world but nothing that is gathering the same media attention. To what extent has the current war, and the prior regime's military-industrial strategy, damaged the Iraqi environment?

The Tigris River has supported the lives of people in Iraq and beyond for several thousand years. With dam projects, pollution and, now, dead bodies the river is not what it used to be. Read this article for details.

Additional problems
from military waste, depleted uranium used in the US bombing and toxic waste dumps will need additional assistance from UNEP to clean up over 300 sites estimated to need remediation.

I doubt environmental damage were ever a consideration for either Saddam Hussein or George W. Bush. Now the damage is here and time to clean it up. One the bright side, Bush is planning to spend millions on providing jobs for Iraqis to clean the streets.

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