Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Hope you enjoyed your holidays. By now you have figured out how to use any new electronic gadgets you may have received. The down side is you have some expensive paper weights hanging around. What to do?

First, find out what happens to any electronic waste you may have. Now that you know how bad it can be figure out what you want to do with your stuff, donate or recycle.

For recycling options in the USA enter your zip code here and follow through until you see the appropriate recycling icon. The same site has an option for Canadian postal codes. In Canada you can also recycle or donate at Accu-Shred or Electronic Recycling Association. I don't think Accu-Shred donates but it looks like they can recycle for you. ERA has programs for both.

Hope this helps you clear out some old electronics. Alternatively, if you want to give them away to someone who wants them try your local Freecycle. Post what you have on there and people will contact you if they want it. Nice and easy. Don't forget to recycle used batteries either.

That should cover almost every bit of electronics you may have hanging around. Please don't throw it out. Good luck.

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