Monday, January 15, 2007

Golden Globe Grab Bag

Since these award shows are on all year long and every time they are on there is no end to the promotion and all that. One thing that I have always noticed is the talk about the gift bags attendees receive. I always found it odd that these rich movie stars get free stuff. Not just stuff but high end expensive goods. These are usually provided by the companies that make the products to promote themselves and to get us to buy their wares. Edward Norton spoke out about how this is a disgusting practice and suggested that donations be made in the recipients name instead. Even the IRS got involved and reached a settlement with the Academy. There is waste on so many levels here. Now, Hollywood is making serious efforts to promote environmental issues and they are even throwing an eco-friendly party after the Golden Globes. Great news and hopefully if the stars can convince us to buy products maybe they can convince us to be more environmentally friendly. It is rather pathetic but every little bit helps.

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