Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fill 'er up

On Treehugger yesterday and on Autoblog Green today they both pointed out a Sierra Club review of the oil companies. Something to think about next time you go to fill up.

BP ranked as one of the better companies. I read the review of BP on the Sierra Club and didn't actually think they were that great. I didn't want to read any of the ones that were worse because I got a little nervous. They were also in the news today about their safety record. Nothing really good in that one either. Lots to think about next time you have to buy gas. While you're there and not really thinking about the price of gas anymore, take time to think about how low oil prices are compared to gas prices. Write some letters to the companies and political representatives who tell you it's supply and demand on world oil prices and all that jazz. Take a look at the Energy Information Administration website and review gasoline and crude inventories and compare it to retail and wholesale gasoline prices. Draw your own conclusions.

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